Miami's Sweet Heat

Lindsey and Laurie Carlson began their journey in a small town in Nebraska. Growing up as highschool hoop stars, the twins pursued degrees in occupational therapy at the College of St. Mary’s, where both participated on the Flame’s basketball team. After graduation, Lindsey and Laurie decided to take every penny they had saved to escape the bitter cold of the Midwest and traveled south to the Sunshine State of Florida to start their own business and be their own bosses.

However, they eventually became dissatisfied with simply succeeding in business and sitting in the office all day. The twins sought out the excitement and energy that college basketball had once provided for them by enrolling in a local wrestling school run by the former WWE stars the Wild Samoans.

With their days filled with running their own business and nights spent training to become professional wrestlers, the twins reserved their weekends for fun in the magical city of Miami, where they now hail from. Lindsey and Laurie, The Carlson Twins, are Miami’s Sweet Heat and they are turning up the temperature at WOW!

Miami Sweet Heat