A provocative word, “Beast” easily conjures thoughts of wild animals, lethality, natural selection, dominance, and even savagery in the minds of many. However, when The Beast steps into the WOW ring, the only thing that comes to mind is unparalleled greatness.

Marshawn Lynch is widely credited with popularizing the phrase “Beast Mode” as a shorthand to capture his state of mind while on the football field. It referred to the raw, animalistic persona that one assumes while competing in order to demolish an opponent. The Beast received her name because she is “Beast Mode” personified. This was made abundantly clear even in her first introduction to WOW.

The Beast entered the room and said, “I am 200 pounds of walking, talking, romping, stomping, graveyard destruction. I am the OG master of disaster. I will destroy anyone that gets in my path. I am the biggest, I am the baddest, I am the beast…COME GET SOME.” The ring was her territory from then on. The Beast has become one of the most remarkable athletes to step into the WOW ring. She is equal parts mystery and phenomenon. She is The Beast!

The Beast