You are currently viewing Ready to rumble? From WOW to WWE, here’s your go-to guide to women’s pro wrestling on TV

Ready to rumble? From WOW to WWE, here’s your go-to guide to women’s pro wrestling on TV

If you’ve never body-slammed your way into the world of women’s pro wrestling, now is definitely the time – whether you’re an old fan of Netflix’s gone-too-soon comedy “GLOW” or your knowledge of pop-culture grapplers is limited to John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The current era of female wrestlers features more diverse talent and interesting personalities than ever before. In fact, you’ve probably been watching wrestlers and not even known it – the WWE’s Sasha Banks has appeared on Disney+’s “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” and Ronda Rousey co-starred opposite Vin Diesel and his action-movie crew in “Furious 7.”

The relaunched “WOW – Women Of Wrestling” returns Sept. 17 for the first time in three years (check local listings), with new and returning ring masters: The organization is owned by Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss and David McLane, the original founder of GLOW in the 1980s.

That’s not all, though: Female wrestlers can be seen nearly every night of the week on network, cable and streaming. (Many rabbit holes await in the WWE hub on Peacock.)

Here’s everything you need to know about women’s wrestling on TV right now:

Colorful personas reign in ‘WOW – Women Of Wrestling’

Those who dug “GLOW” – or have an affection for colorful personas – will get a kick out of the WOW roster. A fearsome figure known as The Beast is the current champion, and the league also features the leather-clad Heavy Metal Sisters, Samoan athlete Leia Makoa, drill sergeant GI Jane and the enigmatic Holidead. One big positive: Former WWE star AJ Mendez, also an executive producer, brings a lot to the show as a color commentator.