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Never Take A Loss Lying Down

This weekend’s Main Event match is Coach Campanelli and Randi Rah Rah versus Miami’s Sweet Heat in a rematch for the WOW Tag Team Championships! Will Sweet Heat retain? Or will Coach and Rah Rah cartwheel their way to championship victory once again? Also in action: After a miscommunication between the Heavy Metal Sisters and Americana running in to save her friend, The Heavy Metal Sisters face Jessie Jones and Americana in tag team action! Plus the groovy Foxxy Fierce takes on twisted Holidead, and the team of Gen Z and the Millenium, Jennifer Florez and Stephy Slays go up against the snooty duo of GiGi Gianni & Amber Rodriguez!

Episode 28: Gigi Gianni & Amber Rodriguez vs Stephy Slays & Jennifer Florez
Episode 28: Razor, Fury & Mezmeriah vs Jessie Jones & Americana
Episode 28: Holidead vs Foxxy Fierce
Episode 28: Tag Team Championship Rematch - Miami's Sweet Heat vs Coach Campanelli & Randi Rah Rah


Pluto TV Launch of WOW DocSeries "My Road To WOW"

Pluto TV Launch of WOW DocSeries “My Road To WOW”

Today, Tue. March 21 PLUTO TV launches the CBS News See It Now Productions docuseries, “My Road To WOW” – the docuseries is produced by award winning and renowned journalist and TV News Producer and first female President and Senior Executive producer of CBS News Susan Zirinsky.  Susan brings to life the stories of 12 individuals and their heartfelt […]


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